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Connections HTX is a social club that creates entertaining networking experiences for a variety of industries. We produce niched workshops, similar collaborated events with other organizations and volunteer opportunities with local nonprofits. Our goal is to cultivate an environment where you can learn from and connect organically with others. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional or just love to socialize, this is your ideal club.

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October 7, 2018

Vol.1 Launch Event Experience

December 30, 2018

Vol. 3 Vision Book Experience 

Brand Ambassador Program - Spring 2019




There are no degree requirements to become a Connections HTX brand ambassador. Applicants are reviewed on a case to case basis. Ideal candidates are:

  • Career Professionals (supervisors, managers, etc.) 
  • Self-starters 
  • Driven millennials
  •  Creatives
  •  Entrepreneurs (business owners, freelancers, etc.)
  • Social butterflies


Ambassador Benefits



Connections HTX is seeking beneficial partnerships among all ambassadors. Aside from social recognition and company affiliation, other benefits from our ambassador program are:

  • Youth Mentorship Opportunities
  • Mastermind groups
  • VIP perks at select events 
  • Monthly discount codes on all Connections HTX merchandise and events

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Ambassador Duties



Brand Ambassadors are a select group of likeminded individuals who agree to spread Connections HTX’s mission to interested millennial professionals, creatives and socialites. Some duties are:

  • Discuss Connections HTX with qualified millennials
  • Place the Connections HTX tag in your bio on social sites (preferably Instagram)
  •  Post Connections HTX flyers on social platforms prior to all events (material will be provided) 

Our Brand Ambassador program will not be associated with monetary benefits of any kind.


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